Our Quality

Features that matter. Leather handle, double layer canopy, wind-resistant and more. Have a look at all the details needed for a dapper and stylish umbrella built to last.

Leather handles are fitted out on all our Umbrellas. Made from genuine leather it makes for an exquisite dapper look and at the same time super comfy on the hand, no matter the weather.


Double layer canopy extends the life of an umbrella as it reduces stress on the frame. We want our umbrellas to last, therefore double layer is standard on all our canopys. It makes the umbrella more stylish and sturdy plus it gives you more comfortable lighting as it reduces transparency.


Fiberglass Ribs is the type that carries up our Canopys. Fiberglass ribs handles bending much better than the traditional metall ribs. Together with our sturdy frames, it makes our umbrellas wind and gust-resistant and keeps you protected even on a breezy day.


Automatic fold up system is fitted on all our umbrellas. When the button is pressed, the umbrella will swiftly open caused by our strong and durable spring pressure. Super simple to use without fiddling around when bad weather is on the horizon.