Monogram store

Customize your Harry Rain Umbrella by adding your initials! 
- A perfect gift for a birthday, wedding or fathers/mothersday. 
 1. Choose what umbrella model you want to add your initials too. We offer monograms on Diana, Alex, Wayne, Francis, Bradley and Alistair. 

2. Chose your initials. You can choose up to three letters. We will put a "dot" in between each letter. So ex Anna Svensson Andersson would be embroidered as A.S.A. We use a classic and subtle Sans Bold font for the initials. Choose
the button "add your initials" on the product page. 

3. Delivery time for products with monograms might be up to 7 days in Sweden and 10 days in the rest of EU. If you are in hurry please contact customer service at and they can give you a more precise
estimate on delivery.



We use black thread on Diana, Alex, Bradley and Alistair. White thread for Wayne and Francis.